SOCIAL ANXIETY: What does it look like?

Although anxiety disorders aren’t uncommon, they’re often misdiagnosed. When it comes to social anxiety, it’s important to understand the signs and symptoms so you can get the help you need to manage it. There’s more to social anxiety than just being shy or awkward around people. It can be a…

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6 Self-Help Steps for Depression

    If you or someone you love is struggling with depression, it is helpful to become aware of triggers that can deepen their depression and what you can do to help. Here are six areas where you can take positive steps to avoid exacerbating and even help to alleviate…

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Mid-life: “Crisis” or Golden Opportunity for Renewal?

Road sign that reads "what Givers Your Life meaning"?

There’s a good reason why we often refer to our mid-life transition as a “mid-life crisis.” Let’s face it—it can be extremely unsettling to acknowledge that your life is half over. While the sometimes distressing experience of mid-life transition is common all over the world, every person’s journey into the…

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